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Anthony Russo: The hardest thing to do as an actor is to act without dialogue, and Sebastian Stan did such an incredible job with this character. Gave him so much life and complexity and texture without a lot of dialogue. You really see his wheels turning in this scene. 

Joe Russo: Well, he conveyed incredible menace just through movement for a good sixty minutes in the movie. And that is the hardest job in acting. It’s always very difficult to convey emotion without speaking.

- Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-ray Audio Commentary

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S’mores Cheesecake


S’mores Cheesecake


occupation: still going on and on about captain fucking america



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that guy is pissing his pants over that smile this kind of fear is what i aspire to inspire

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that’s it that’s the whole story

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This Halloween, carry around a spray bottle so you can spray people in blackface like misbehaving cats.

i support this movement

I support the spray bottle too.


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Like okay, really. We know Steve wasn’t in on Natasha’s mission to get whatever intel was on the ship. Nick HAS to know if Steve found that out he’d confront him about it because it’s Steve. That’s what he does. So how do you get a read on somebody like that about this huge, evil issue that’s potentially everywhere?

You show them the thing you’re concerned about and pretend it’s peachy keen. See what he does. See the reaction.

Because the next interaction we see with Nick and Steve after Project Insight, is Nick showing up in Steve’s apartment with that intel Steve wasn’t supposed to know about.

So… idk. Toot your “He’s evil” horn all you want. I think you’re missing the point here.

Holy shit that’s a clever read. I’d been assuming this was just a clash of working styles, where Steve is less used to operating in an actual hierarchy where you don’t always know everything because of the way the Howling Commandos operated.

I think there’s some of that too, honestly. Because clearly Steve’s kind of been giving a shit ton of leeway in the past (building his own team etc) and Nick’s likely well aware of that too—“I read those old SSR files”—so yeah, there is definitely some genuine tension on that front too. But I think it’s seriously simplistic to think that Nick’s not questioning Project Insight ahead of time and trying to figure out who the best people to take it down if he’s right might be. Steve’s got to be topping that list but he needs to know what Steve’s take on the idea is before they get there.

So… yeah. Real tension? Absolutely. But there’s still ten other things Nick’s trying to get a grip on through that tension.

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